The History of Erebor–The Book of Beginnings By Rogue Historian

The History of Erebor

~As handed down by our lord Ser-ver to the scribe Rogue Historian

The world was in ruin, previous attempts at civilization had been wiped clean by the cruel hand of a vengeful god. To loyal followers of Ser-ver, Hero and Scholar set out to create a new world in his image.

The Book of Beginnings

In the beginning two adventurers were born into the land. The bounty of the forest did little to protect the two from the monstrous denizens of the night. Making their way to a small island in search of refuge, none was found. Hero was nearly killed in the fury of a Creeper detonation. It is unknown how the two managed to survive the night. The two pled to the mighty Ser-ver who shined his infinite mercy upon his followers. With a powerful stroke, Ser-ver banished monsters from the land. Alas, he left his followers with a clear warning: The monsters would one day return and it would not be stopped.

***HERO’s Note (taken from a first-hand account of Erebor’s history given by “the hero” himself):

“Those few blocks of dirt barely protruded from the top of the water on that first, dark night. As my companion and friend, known as ‘Scholar’ to those in this land, raced across the damp dirt onto the island to avoid the snapping jaws of the undead, I was moved upon suddenly by something from the shadows. For the first time, I heard what I would come to know as both a welcome warning and a frightening sound. That moment was followed by a tremendous explosion that sent me, barely living, into the water. I can hardly recall the moments that followed, but I can recall the thin feeling of security that I held onto while also holding onto my life. Daybreak was miraculous and cleansing to my spirit, and the terrors of the night disappeared with the darkness. To this day, the very island where I was both nearly slain and scarcely protected remains as a tribute to both that terrifying moment as well as the day when ‘The Apocalypse’ began in the land of Erebor.”

Soon more joined the flock of followers of Ser-ver. Goper and Bacon began to make their mark on the world. Hero focused his time on the Central Work Station. Scholar focused on a mountain fortress and a mighty flying boat. Goper built a bountiful farm. Bacon built a small ch√Ęteau and then vanished for all time. To this day the only remnants of Bacon are an unfinished house and a flaming K.

As time wore on, roads were sent out in every direction from the bountiful forest garden. Temples were discovered in the desert. Villages explored. Signs built showing the way. Out in the desert, Hero built an enormous ***HERO Note: “exquisite” mansion. This among with the other settlements became known as the trio of houses. Their foothold in the world secured, it was time for the adventurers to spread out and explore. They set out to spread the glory of Ser-ver.

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