The Epic Wither Battle Royale

Hero, Eldodsite, Catsup, and I fought two withers last night. As you can see I practice the tired and true method of RUN AWAY!. Also, I can’t seem to get my own audio to record through twitch, any suggestions twitch people?


The Fight


FearlessScholar Written by:


  1. HEROfearless
    August 25, 2014

    My favorite parts:

    -Scholar landing 4 consecutive, long-range shots on Wither #1
    -“Makey BoomY”
    -Eldodsite: “I’m just going to run around in circles.”
    -Eldodsite running around in circles
    -Eldodsite and HERO lighting each other on fire at the end of the fight
    -catsup’s wimpering throughout

  2. Not Telling
    April 29, 2016

    In the picture, Waldo is in the cave

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