The EFT (Erebor Fishing Tournament) is almost here!

The tournament is almost here! To remind you, here are the rules:

Here are the rules:

Entry is FREE! The only thing you have to do is be willing to follow the rules below. Fishing rods will be provided. During the event, only the provided fishing rods may be used. There will be no enchanted rods used in this tournament, including any that you catch while competing.

The Goal:
One type of fish will be announced at the start of the tournament. I ask that all participants have empty inventories (snacks will be provided) so that we can accurately judge the winner of the event. At the end of 1 hour, the person with the most of the “fish of the day” will be the winner of the event.

The Reward:
During the course of the tournament, any and all name tags collected by ALL participants will go to the winner of the event (we’ll have to be honest about it). Additionally, the winner will receive a block of diamonds, and they will have their winning status posted on a sign in the lake by the village until the next tournament. Plus, you get to keep everything else that you fish up during that hour.

The supplies for the tournament are ready!
The supplies for the tournament are ready!
Meet at the lake below HEROfearless' house at 7:30.
Meet at the lake below HEROfearless’ house at 7:30.


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