PvP – Capture the Book

The game:

PvP – Capture the Book

The object:

Destroy the other team in order to capture their book and return it to your own base’s book chest.

The rules:

When the event begins, each team will be teleported to their own base area. **All inventories will be cleared BEFORE the teleports happen; don’t forget to store your items first! Upon arrival, each base will look like this:

Base Layout


You will be teleported with your team (TBD) to the landing zone. Feel free to use this as a basis for a lookout. At the bottom of the landing zone / lookout you will find a chest with team supplies. Both teams will have the same supplies in the same quantities.

Here are the items each team will get:


Before the actual battle begins, each team will get 30 minutes to make fortifications to their base. During this time, teams will not be allowed to pass the center beacon (blue) in the battle area.

Map Layout

Each team’s goal will be to protect their book which is located in the chest with their beacon. They can use whatever means available to do so; get creative!

Some things to consider:

Keep in mind that the given supplies are finite. You can dig for more, but the battle might rage on without you. Also, the center beacon is already loaded with enchantments to possibly make the battle interesting; it can be accessed and the benefits can be changed by anyone as long as it stays lit. Finally, teams may want to consider a way to communicate with each other while the battle is going on. In order to help with IMPORTANT messages that the other team shouldn’t be hearing over Skype, I’ve listed how to use the whisper command.

To whisper, type in:    /msg playername themessage

Take note that the spaces need to be used, and “playername” is replaced with who you want to send a message to as well as “themessage” being replaced by what you want to say.


Sunday, January 4th at 12:30ish (that’s early afternoon… not one hour from when I’m writing this).

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