New Project – Based on Example Project!

Pillar Down
Looking Down to Y10

Below is a room view of the Pillars. This room is excavated to the size of the outer walls of the first floor of the tower. Making it a 34×34 room. Each pillar is within a 14×14 area. The corners are only utilizing the 7×7 area of the room that is available. I ran out of Lapiz so I will need to go on a mining party/hunt for those. The room as you can see does not go down to Y10 as of yet, I would like to do this in stages, currently it is 7 blocks high. As the pillars are completed and the walls turned (If necessary) we can move down another 7 as that is the maximum reach. Help is welcome! if you forgot where this place is, just go stand on top of Darkwood Cabin, you can’t miss it!

Pillar Room
Room View


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