Freedom is dead.

Back when the 1.6 update released for Minecraft in June 2013, I went on a hunt for a horse. Horses were new to MC, and I wanted to see what they were like. After searching, I came across and tamed an all-white horse. This horse was the first horse on the server, and it came to be known as Freedom.

Freedom lived the first 9 months of his time with me in the Library. In fact, when I rode out to continue my work on the still-secret wall project, Freedom was with me the whole time. In fact, the first above-ground structure within the wall was built for him.

Alas, today is a day of tragedy.

Freedom has died.


Freedom is succeeded by mate Fury, and by progeny Fortune (seen below) and FaithFreedom was also responsible for many bastard horses because… well… Freedom can’t be contained.

Freedom and Fury with their first child.
Freedom and Fury with their first child.


Rest in peace Freedom.

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