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So Scholar and I decided to do some fishing this afternoon. I started with a brand-new fishing rod, and I decided to fish it all the way to the end. Good friend + good conversation = 2 and a half hours of Minecraft Fishing. Time well spent.  

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So we have decided to split up the region within the wall as follows. Look for a sign in your region and make note of the boundaries… denoted with stone bricks. The plots of land move counter-clockwise within the wall starting from the east and moving north. **NOTE: The middle…

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July 30, 2014 / / Law and Disorder

After hearing about the grievances between goper and Eldodsite, I have decided that a trial must be held in order to discern the truth and to make reparations where necessary. That being said, we needed a courthouse.  

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July 24, 2014 / / History

So I popped in this morning to get some screens of all of what’s going on because I realized that everyone might not really be entirely up on what everyone else is doing. Here are some of what I saw.  

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July 21, 2014 / / Mobs

It’s done. After some considerable effort, destroying part of Erebor itself, and at least 2 wild goose chases, we have found the stronghold, activated the portal, and destroyed and the Ender Dragon (and stolen his unborn child). Highlights: -EPIC amounts of hurry up and wait while preparing -goper86 is a…

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July 19, 2014 / / Mobs

After years of playing… on this server (3 to be more precise), I believe it is time that we begin moving toward finding the End and defeating the Ender Dragon. ┬áThink of how nice a Dragon Egg would look whilst on display in the castle on the mountain within the…

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July 18, 2014 / / History

So the improbable happened… As I logged into the server yesterday, I had no expectation that an impromptu reunion of players was about to happen. That being said, we had quite a good time. Here are some of the highlights: Eddie logged into the server to uproarious cheering… he died…

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After a ridiculously long time away from the project, I finally finished the library. In case y’all forgot, it’s located north of Shrine. All of the cows got out! It was time for leather soon anyway. After almost a year and a half since its beginning, the library has been…

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So I was doing some resource gathering around my “secret” project that I’ve been working on (more on that later), and I found a flooded village. Has anyone ever seen any of these before? It’s so messed up that villagers were either swimming around or stuck in their houses with…

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January 13, 2014 / / Animals

So… one of my cats from CWS just showed up at the Darkwood Cabin. If only one more of them would show up now.

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