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Hero, Eldodsite, Catsup, and I fought two withers last night. As you can see I practice the tired and true method of RUN AWAY!. Also, I can’t seem to get my own audio to record through twitch, any suggestions twitch people? The Fight  

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“And I heard as it were, a voice of thunder. One of the four beasts sang, ‘come and see.’ And behold, a pale horse. And his name was death. And Hell followed with him.”  

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With the completion of the Hall of Judgement, the interior of Dragonsreach is complete. Phase II of the project (interior) is now complete. Phase III (Accessibility) will begin shortly. The following phases remain: Phase III: Accessibility A formal entrance to the castle Phase IV: Exterior Beautification Utilizing Lapis and Redstone…

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Dragonsreach Castle is nearing completion. Lead architect (and renowned eccentric) FearlessScholar welcomes its newest permanent residents and protectors: iron “men,” Tony and Stark Be sure to check out Dragonsreach next time you’re on the server. Pics of the complete areas will be uploaded soon.    

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I became a bit overzealous and began work on my waterfall, it’s blocking the entrance to crazygolfer’s house at the bottom of the mountain. I’ll be back in tomorrow night to fix it. For now, crazygolfer, if it’s too much of an annoyance, the source is at the top of…

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I’ll write up the history of Erebor for our about page. Just give me a few days to come up with something really spectacular. I’ll get some images to illustrate it too whenever I get back to the CWS to take them. Please use this thread to add anything I…

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This is my latest project. It’s situated high on a mountain top in a Savannah Biome. The interior is not yet complete. Inside is a three level structured with a reading room at ground level, a bedroom on the second floor, and a attic with very limited space above. Eventually…

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