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    So I was Killed, and the Z picked up all my goods, including a deadly Flame sword…. so don’t get to close! 🙂 I trapped him with our friendZ  below!

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Attached is an image of the command Prompt window displaying the start up info and the 7 help pages. This is the command I use for the .BAT file – java -jar -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M minecraft_server.1.7.5.jar nogui Obviously you can sum up the 1024M by using 1G or if you are…

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Below are 5 links I keep bookmarked for various reasons MineCraft Mincraft Main site Update your Profile/Skin Server Commands This has the Java Console Server Commands. Definition + Syntax for execution Server Properties All properties listed Definitions/Options + Syntax Data Values This has every recipe you can think of Also…

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Correct me if I am wrong on any spelling or missed anyone – Active Users – Plays at least once a week/2 weeks HeroFearless – Joseph W FearlessScholar – Christopher H Eldodsite – Lawrence (Eddie) LeGault DavidMPetty – David P Rare Users – Plays at least once a month ???…

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Below is a room view of the Pillars. This room is excavated to the size of the outer walls of the first floor of the tower. Making it a 34×34 room. Each pillar is within a 14×14 area. The corners are only utilizing the 7×7 area of the room that…

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January 11, 2014 / / Animals

So I think I know what the big issue was… totally my fault… Freaking animals… time for a slaughter fest! Too many for one area I guess….lol

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  This is the base of Darkwood the Mini Castle (Just outside of Darkwood Cabin) – I am thinking a tower that rises out of the center and expands outwards as it gets higher where a more traditional castle top can be constructed… and who knows maybe this is just one…

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